Graduation Thesis

I was hired for my graduation internship to research costumer behavior in order to get more clients from a specific target group to follow their courses. The results of this research help me formulate my bachelor thesis and develop a compelling marketing communication strategy to attract said target group. The complete thesis can be found here (in Dutch):

After finishing my bachelor thesis I was nominated for the “Make it Happen Thesis Award 2016” and ended up getting second place. You can read more about it (in Dutch) at:

Key Responsibilities:
– Assessing SKVR’s current communication strategy and internal workings
– Identifying specific target group and deciding on research segment
– Planning and executing interviews with members of target group segment
– Understanding the needs and wants of target group
– Planning complete long and short term marketing communication strategy for said target group
– Developing a in depth advice rapport for SKVR to serve as a basis for all of the near future activities regarding this specific target group