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Translations Portuguese to English

I have translated various websites, blogposts, youtube videos, etc., from and to English and Portuguese. Lately I’ve started to translate from Dutch as well.

Organize Without Organization

This class dealt with how to be a communication specialist in an era where everybody produces everything, from entertainment to marketing campaigns. If everybody is a producer, the professionals need to be able to stand out in the crowd.

Internal Communication

With this project I had to work with the internal communication of a big company and helped them to improve it.

Online Content Production

With this subject I learned how to produce strong content for the internet. All according to what the client needs and demands. I learned how to make and receive a briefing, content audit, market research, etc.

Google Analytics, SEO, SEA and Adwords

Here I’ve learned to use Google Analytics, SEO and Adwords to improve a website and its marketing