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Data and the City

Multidisciplinary project where we got access to the city big data raw files and turned them into something useful to the general public. My group developed a website – Bee Together – where we’d use data from the neighborhood to provide residents with the possibility of helping each other and offer their services. The members […]

Internal Communication

With this project I had to work with the internal communication of a big company and helped them to improve it.

Google Analytics, SEO, SEA and Adwords

Here I’ve learned to use Google Analytics, SEO and Adwords to improve a website and its marketing

Graduation Thesis

I was hired for my graduation internship to research costumer behavior in order to get more clients from a specific target group to follow their courses. The results of this research help me formulate my bachelor thesis and develop a compelling marketing communication strategy to attract said target group. The complete thesis can be found […]