Youtube ads just suck!

I have something to confess: I use adblocker!



Even though I love watching youtube videos and I make videos myself, I just can’t stand the ads that appear before the videos.

Why? Well, because they suck!

Let me explain:

As you can see, I’m a female. I’m also in my early 30’s. And that’s all Google seems to care about.

Even though allegedly they are not only the biggest search engine in the world, but also the most effective data collecting company around. Google knows basically everything there is to know about me. They know my adress, they know that I am a foreigner living in Holland, they know I own cats, they know I went to college, they know I don’t have children, and the list goes on.

The idea is that Google will sell all of this information to companies who will cater their commercials to what would work most effectively on me, right?

So trying to sell me dog food would be useless because I own two cats. Or trying to sell me a car would be stupid because I don’t have a drivers license. With all the information Google has about me, you would think that I would never see an ad about irrelevant stuff to my life.

But that’s where you’d be wrong, my friend! All the ads I see are somehow related to being a mother. Ads for fertility tests, because it’s about time to get started on that whole having children thing. Ads for baby diapers, ads for baby food, ads for baby clothing.

Ads for family cars, you know, those mini vans and sedan cars. Ads for family vacations at a kid friendly environment, ads family insurances. ALL OF THE MOM RELATED ADS!

Not once I’ve seen ads for cat food or toys. Not once I’ve seen ads for improving my career path. Sometimes I see ads for clothing or shoes, but it doesn’t happen frequently.

So for youtube the only thing that matters about me is that I’m a female in my early 30’s. That’s it! No other aspect of my existence is relevant for their algorithms when it comes to which ad they will show me before a video.

It started when I was about 28 years old. Before that the ads I saw were quite diverse and I didn’t use to get annoyed at it. I didn’t have an ad blocker then because I understood that ad revenue is a big part of youtube culture. And if the ads didn’t bother me, why block them?

But somewhere around the age of 30, the kind of ads started to change and it got really annoying. If every once in a while I got an ad related to being a mom, I wouldn’t mind. But when over 90% of all ads I see on youtube are about that, then it becomes a problem.

That’s why I block the ads and try to support my favorite youtubers on Patreon. When youtube stops thinking that I’ll I should care about is being a mom, maybe I’ll go back to watching the ads before the videos I watch….

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